El Ten Eleven is a Los Angeles, CA “power duo” that puts out some defying tunes for consisting of only two members. Many people get a first chance to see these guys perform live and stand in surprise to find that only 2 dudes can put out such layered, complex tracks. And hey, for any of you out there who are interested, they tossed in a cover of Paranoid Android for good measure!! Instrumental, Electronic, Experimental, Post-Rock, Ambient… you name it, these two are pushing the limits of what a band can be.

This particular release is an extremely limited edition of 50 copies with hand drawn covers done by Shane de Leon of Starbage Hands. Shane told me that this has been kept very much under the radar and finally, through Sly Vinyl, he’d like to offload what remains to you fine readers!!

Down below, you will find a few pictures of the various designs as well as the full album available for streaming.

As mentioned on the sales page, “Get them while you can.”!!!

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The Details

NPR 22 El Ten Eleven "These promises are being videotaped"
by North Pole Records

Hand drawn LP edition of 50

North Pole Records is honored to release a extremely limited edition run of the El Ten Eleven "These Promises are being Videotaped" LP. 50 hand drawn LP covers by Shane de Leon / Starbage Hands. Get them while you can.

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edition of 50

Price $30

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