Every once in a while I’ll stumble onto something that really makes me stop and listen. Dzang is an artist from LA, currently based overseas in Berlin, who makes highly atmospheric and cinematic instrumental tracks. His newest album, XLO, is somewhat of a revelation, featuring guitars drenched in reverb and bathed in the warm glow of analog synthesizers and meticulously arranged drums. Where Dzang bucks convention compared to his contemporaries is in his songwriting. Rather than the classic “variations on a theme” style of songwriting that typifies most electronic and ambient releases, Dzang has managed to craft 9 tracks that take on a life and mood of their own, each song unafraid to take you on its own journey.  The production is fantastic, the wax is nice and thick and it comes in a hand screened sleeve. At 12.95 shipped, this should be in everyone’s library.

Price $12.95

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