Another new beautiful Duane Pitre record. this time it’s composed by cello, electronics and mostly cumbus. The cümbüş is  is a Turkish stringed instrument shaped like an American banjo and it has a similar sound. i really like how everything is build on Oliver Barrett multi layered cello. I can only recommend this one, if you like works from Greg Haines or Hildur Guðnadóttir. The clear wax is mailorder only. i don’t know the exact numbers, but normally it’s around 100 to 200.

“To everyone aware of Duane Pitre’s musical trajectory, 2012’s “Feel Free” was an undeniable high watermark, with an album of complex layerings and intricate, rule-based systems. Though not as outwardly conceptual, Pitre captures the same tonal and lyrical style of classical music on his Important Records follow up, “Bridges.” The central instrument is a multi-tracked cello, played by Oliver Barrett, that glides and glistens, all the contours smooth and rounded in a way that only a lovingly played stringed instrument can be. The patiently unfurling cello lines duck and dive as if in a slow, magical dance with bass oscillators, mandolin, and soprano saxophone. Plucked and hammered instruments pop up on side two, but for the most part “Bridges” is erected from organic drones and long tones. With Pitre it’s not about surprising the listener or overturning expectations; it’s about a considered style of music that is timeless in form and effect. He more than succeeds on those terms with “Bridges.” – Ryan Potts, Experimedia

The Details

Duane Pitre - compositions, cumbus, ukelin, mandolin, computer, & electronics
Oliver Barrett - cello
Bhob Rainey - soprano saxophone

Written/arranged/recorded/mixed August-November 2012
Mastered by Altered Ear

Price $15.99

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