Tildes? Squigglies? Waves? It’s a mystery as to how you would pronounce this album’s title and how to label this music. You want to call this some leftfield electronic experiment on the first impression, but it evolves and morphs continually as the album plays on. On the second track, “Atlantic,” you’ll want to call this mutated instrumental trap/hip-hop then it continues on to “NYSE” and keeps slapping you in the face with new worlds. Thomas de Rijk as Dow Jones Brotherhood never settles in to one trench. The aesthetic exuded on this album strongly reminds me of Orange Milk Records, with the likes of Nico Niquo and Giant Claw. ~~~ is woozy and sluggish – it takes its time to build its mood and demands patience from you. Get yourself to Dow Jones and have a seat in the lobby. Digest this as you wait for your appointment with Mr. de Rijk. Listen to the album below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

The album ~~~ is the first release from the new moniker of Thomas de Rijk, Dow Jones Brotherhood. Thomas has been involved heavily with the Dutch music scene from his days in Rotterdam to his new home of Amsterdam, having released under the name Halp for Seclusiasis, Lowriders and MYOR. But his new project Dow Jones Brotherhood has him approaching his music from a completely different perspective, utilizing different music-making tools, and a new aesthetic.

Although there is a musical connection to some of de Rijk’s previous output, ~~~, is much more abstract in its direction. The entire album was produced on the Teenage Engineering OP-1 portable synthesizer/sampler. Working away from a computer, and gathering musical inspiration from a completely different palate has allowed Thomas to develop a new language for his compositions, often improvising with short samples and the OP-1’s built in effects in passes to the built in 4 track recorder.

~~~ will be available via digital download and limited edition cassette.
released 07 August 2015
tags: experimental op-1 ambient avant-garde experimental electronic modern classical synth vaporwave Philadelphia

Price $8

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