I’m not going to lie – I have no idea what this is. Describing this would be an exercise in futility, in my opinion. I’m listening to Pheel Phree as I write this and it’s just a sonic assault on all the senses. If there’s a genre, David Moose Adamson (who formerly is certainly borrowing a thing, or two, from it. There’s elements of dub, psychedelia, hip-hop, spoken word, vaporwave, folk and rock on this fiery debut of his. It’s like Moose threw everything he’s ever listened to in the Large Hadron Collider and let a gargantuan mass form from the brutal intermingling of all the elements. Moose has truly created a record that bears a sound that’s entirely his own and nobody else’s. Songs such as “The Boardwalk” employ surreal elements with Moose slurring and mispronouncing various words – it’s like Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim are manifesting themselves in music form. I’m doing this injustice, so I’m going to stop writing and advise you to check out the Spotify stream of Pheel Phree below and see what you think of it. This release comes courtesy of Indianapolis label Joyful Noise Recordings. Sorry we apparently missed it back in October. Cheers!

The Details

Formerly the man behind Jookabox, DMA (aka David Moose Adamson) began his career as a one-man-band in the grand old tradition of the 'one-man-band' (re: man with a bass-drum on his back and a monkey clapping symbols, collecting change from the crowd etc.). With "Pheel Phree", to some extent, Adamson has returned to his roots. Except this time, the result sounds more like a creepy basement dance party.

DMA's debut full-length provides a uniquely beat-driven, meditative clamor. At times danceable and at times ethereal, the self-produced LP is intriguingly difficult to pinpoint. James-Ferraro-sensibilities are coupled with the artistically-free-approach of Captain-Beefheart, resulting in 33 minutes of a rather other-worldly tunes. "Pheel Phree" effectively introduces the world to the weirdness that is David Moose Adamson.

Pheel Phree is a vinyl / digital only release, of which 500 hand-numbered copies are pressed on "Phreedom Red" vinyl. Which is what we call red vinyl inside semi-translucent orange vinyl, with magenta splatter. The unique vinyl color created by using both "color-in-color" and splatter vinyl pressing methods.

Price $15

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