Plain white shirt, blue jeans, slicked greasy hair, a lucy danglin from his mouth, a guitar case and an open road, a little bit of Elvis, a dash of The Cramps, some Martin Rev and Alan Vega…It’s a familiar trip, isn’t it?

You’d think we would have Alex Hungtai pinned down to a distinct sound by now, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  He wooed us all into his Lynchian world with 2011’s Badlands and his steady string of 7”s on various obscure labels, but then took a detour with Drifters/Love is the Devil, crafting a synthy, loopy avant garde piece accompanied by Bernardino Femminielli and saxophonist Francesco De Gallo.  It was a compelling soundtrack to the dark and lonely alleyways of Hungtai’s imagination, perhaps paralleled by his own personal trail of isolation and heartbreak.

He shifts yet again with Big Love, his latest creation.  Reverbed guitar leads and distressed tape loops are traded in for sparse piano arrangements, but both are equal in their haunting beauty.  Take a listen to 3 of the 4 tracks below:

Shipping is a bit of a doozy since this is traveling to you from Japan, but the price includes the shipping cost.  It’s for the diehards, but Dirty Beaches’ diehards are increasing in droves.

The Details


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Ltd. 150
with OBI, special notes written by Dirty Beaches.

A1. Danseur De Ballet
A2. My Girl Was A Ballerina
B1. Valentine Valse
B2. 2/3 Jack Of Hearts

Price $34

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