Hey everybody! School started back today here in Texas and to those who started before us or haven’t even started yet, I wish and will wish you good luck whenever your time approaches. Today I present you the debut LP from Deadman’s Ghost (known previously as Deadman) and you truly get a hodge podge of freaky folk, rock, post-rock, electronic, and just flat out experimental music. Jason Mills has many genres cross over song-to-song and he does it artfully well. I’m not too sure why this is billed as his debut as Cerebral Frontier, where these remixed songs come from, came long before The Broken Zoetrope. The remixes add elements of dub and trip-hop, among others, to the second half of this LP and they’re all equally good. If you’re looking for something with wide variance, look no further. Check out The Broken Zoetrope below via the Spotify player and see what you think of it! Cheers!

The Details

The Broken Zoetrope is the debut album of Deadman’s Ghost (formerly Deadman), the project lead by Belfast musician Jason Mills. Released on transparent limited edition vinyl and digital format, it features four new compositions produced in collaboration with sound engineer David Baxter (aka Kab Driver) and four remixes by Northern Irish electronica artists. Post-rock instrumentation and electronic soundscapes coalesce with all manner of other ingredients; samples of random people recollecting their dreams and nightmares, shuffling funk drum breaks, apocalyptic lyrics and overdriven pop hooks burst out of the speakers with sub-bass energy. On the flipside, remixes of Cerebral Frontier tracks by Defcon, Barry’s Electric Workshop, T-Polar and The Crimson Underground span from blissed-out electronica to dark, brooding psychedelia. Instruments and vocals from the original songs are processed and used as a catalyst for exploring new sonic territories.

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