Not Not Fun Records, home to a lexicon of lofi luminaries, dubs Daughters of the Sun as ‘torn-leather psychedelicists’.  They’re the band that plays after the majority of the party guests have staggered home, the drug high has begun to wear off, and you need a sublime, hazy melody to lull you out of your post-party insomnia.

Lonely at the Top‘s shimmery drones and subtle melancholy bring fellow lofi purists Pure X to mind.  Synths pulse, guitars swoon at high octaves and organs bleed brain-numbing drone layers.  If you were listening to the Reading Rainbow intro theme at half-speed while on a healthy supply of codeine, you may have something that resembles the beautifully bummed-out Daughters of the Sun.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Ride it out below.


The Details

Recorded in Minneapolis, MN
Mastered by Sonic Boom at New Atlantis
Artwork by Collin Gorman Weiland
Edition of 400

Price $12

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