Cliff Dweller’s The Dream in Captivity is something not of this world. In terms of attitude, F#A#∞ comes closest in comparison. It never settles in to one genre neatly, with its mix of noise, drone, ambient, musique concrète and neo-classical elements, which only contributes to the already chaotic atmosphere The Dream in Captivity exudes. It’s like Cliff Dweller came to visit you in a dream and ripped open a portal to their world, which consists of rain, wailing sirens, planes traveling overhead, winds and a lack of sunlight. This world they live in is either a nightmare scenario or a dream come true for you. You decide to take a step through the portal out of fascination, morbid curiosity or a bit of both and you just look up to the sky to let the cool rain hit your face. Stay for a while. Listen to The Dream in Captivity below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released 21 April 2014

produced by Ari Balouzian
piano and accordion by Max Whipple
drums by James Levine
Mastered by Dash LeFrancis at Mahalo House and Mark Kuykendall

Price $20

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