Cannibalism is something you might consider the most taboo practice that has ever been and will be practiced. You see cannibalism among spiders, pigs (when you count their willingness to dine on their deceased relatives remains), and according to G.A. Polis, the practice has been recorded among over 1500 animal species. The act of eating something just like you is repulsive, especially in the case of mankind – the highest functioning living beings on earth. It’s grotesque and it’s gut-wrenching just like Cannibal’s (as far as I know) only available digital single from this, “Phantasm” – it’s stated in a press release that this is vinyl only.

“Phantasm” replicates something attempting to break free from its cage, and it’s writhing in pain – the synthesizers wail and wail and it simulates banging your head on a wall adeptly. Perhaps the victim in the cage is the cannibal’s next meal… On the front, you see the smattering of black ink that creates an eyeless raven and on the back cover, you see the same technique used to create what looks like a chimpanzee (which actually has been recorded to practice cannibalism). Recorded four years ago and mastered just last year, these recordings are ready to bear down on your ears. Check out “Phantasm” below via the Soundcloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Cannibal is the trio of artists/musicians Cary Loren, Cameron Jamie and Dennis Tyfus. Culled from a recording made live in Antwerp, each of the fifteen songs/episodes on this—their first—record is a protracted pulse of the band’s energy and radical point of entry to a teeming flux of erratic electronics, deranged/incantatory narration, harmonica, jaw harp, dollar bin records, found poetry, vocal sound techniques, etc. A uniquely disorienting tour de force of the lower forms of music and a hallucinatory mind trip, guided by a deft feel for derailment.
The recordings were made by Dennis Tyfus at the Ultra Eczema studio in Antwerp, 2010 and mastered by Warn Defever and Cary Loren in Detroit, 2013. The release is a limited edition vinyl LP with front and back cover silkscreen artwork by Cameron Jamie. Cannibal’s manager is John Sinclair.

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