Black Spirituals debut Of Deconstruction is true to its name. From the only track available for listening, “Radiant,” Black Spirituals appears to make a beautiful mess. Zachary James Watkins and Marshall Trammell, two soloists, are simultaneously creating and destroying; operating on two different wavelengths. “Radiant” will leave you with your ears piqued the entire twenty minute run time. If you’re not looking at the timer, you’ll wonder if the song is about to wind down for good or if it’s about to explode in to another rambunctious romp. “Radiant” is unpredictable, so I can’t imagine what the other two tracks sound like. As far as I’m concerned, this album is truly genreless. The way the album cover’s set up made me believe this was affiliated with Sacred Bones, but it’s actually SIGEOf Deconstruction would definitely not be out of place on Sacred Bones, mind you. Check out “Radiant” below via the SoundCloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

SIGE Records 2014.
Edition of 250 copies (LP), and 50 copies (CS).
Letterpress and offset printed covers with art/design by F. Coloccia.

Track listing:

“Two of the brightest musical minds of today - Marshall Trammell and Zachary James Watkins bring their skills and passion to Black Spirituals. Get this recording right away!” - PAULINE OLIVEROS

OF DECONSTRUCTION emerges from a landscape of sameness fully formed and armed to the teeth with its idiosyncratic musical idiom in the brilliant, crunchy, rocking, swelling, absorbing, immersive, hypnotic, ritualistic, improvised, heart-throbbing, spine-tingling, buzzing, captivating, comforting, raw, non academic, free flow, on the spot, fluxus-like, futurist, natural, psycho-acoustic hyper-realist touches of the twenty minutes tour de force Radiant. Massive electronic synth noise walls project the monumental and emotionally heavily laden scale of Black while Body brings the franticsemantics down to fundamental inner boiling point and outward ecstatic highs.

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