It’s safe to say that Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk are a little bit kooky in a good way. The cover is disarmingly (and oddly) cute. I mean, it has Skeletor in a multi-colored jumpsuit and a beastly looking man standing next to him – both are filled with joy as they stand on the word “trust.” I wrote about Think Tone a little ways back (the band’s most recent release) and that cover, like this one, aroused my curiosity with its mysterious nature. Maybe this cover’s just something we’re supposed to take at face value with two dudes just trusting each other. Maybe it means nothing at all. Something tells me I’m just chasing the dragon when it comes to issues such as this… The intro track “Fooly Cooly” is either named after the cult, off-kilter OVA or it’s just coincidence – I’d like to think it’s not, though. “Jeremy Irons Couple Skate” is what you could call romantic, in the Birds’ unique way. “Last Night Sucked” (perhaps commenting one of the couple skating in the previous song) gets a bit more intense with a stronger drum presence, along with plenty of distortion and the band dawning clear choral vocal work. “Mt. 2” sort of picks up where “Last Night Sucked” ended in the way that it keeps the distortion and harsh noise around for the band to play and experiment with further. “Sorry Mickey” is an apt-closer with a relaxing sound collage of sorts being painted by the band. Check out Skeletor and Me below via the Spotify stream and see what you think of it! Cheers!

The Details

"Born in the belly of a whale, discovered by the Kool-Aid man."
"Skeletor And Me" is Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk's first proper 12inch release, and its a jammer!


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