For heads, by heads – the slogan of RVNG Intl. Specifically, this one is for those whose heads are made of bread. Breadwoman & Other Tales, as far as I know, is performance art. Anna Homler’s Breadwoman character sings in a completely made up language, so don’t worry when you listen to “Ee Chê” – at first, I thought it might’ve been some obscure sub-saharan African language, but hey I was wrong. RVNG Intl. maintains their leftfield and unpredictable nature with the release of Breadwoman and at the moment, we really do not have much else to go on. This Breadwoman persona Homler created has been around since the early 1980s and she used this to explore the machinations of language. On Wikipedia, she’s quoted as saying, in an interview with The Wire, “I think of English as lettuce and my own language as bread.” With that in mind, listen to “Ee Chê” below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Breadwoman is a being who exists outside of time, yet surfaced on tape during the perfect storm of performance art, renegade DIY avant-garde, gallery culture, and esoteric mysticism of early 80s Los Angeles. This reintroduction of Anna Homler and Steve Moshier’s first cassette collaboration - accompanied by two additional pieces - captures the ritual of youthful meaning-making through sacred voices, minimal electronic gauzing, and a fable that haunts and humors.

LP / CD includes 20-page booklet with liner notes, ephemera and printed inner sleeve.

Price $23

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