Last one for today and this one is a bit different. ANAMAI is the debut record of Toronto-based artist Anna Mayberry. It’s a slow and dark record with hushed multilayered female vocals and minimal electric guitars in the background. I would say… this is very slow shoegaze, or if you need a comparison take Grouper for example. The music itself is minimal and melancholic and I fell in love with it immediately. The record is available only from her Bandcamp page and some independent shops in Canada. On another note: unfortunately shipping from Canada is very high to Germany / Europe. Please contact me if you, or someone, would like to do a collective order. I’m in.

The Details

"Anna Mayberry's work in her minimalist folk project Anamai differs a great deal from what she does in noisy powerhouses HSY, a band that operates with the main concerns of filling spaces and flattening audiences. Her work as Anamai can be just as arresting, even though the music achieves that goal with an emotional heaviness and not a physical one.

Mayberry first introduced the project in late 2013 with a short demo cassette that showcased her strong sense of melody and unique, otherworldly vocal style. Those demos were produced by David Psutka (EGYPTRIXX, Hiawatha), whose skills with electronics helped give them a very modern feel. His presence can be felt a lot more prominently on Sallows, Anamai's first proper full-length; the production sounds more polished, atmospheric and spacious, with much more happening subtly between the notes and left hanging in the air."
By Michael Rancic

Recorded and Produced by David Psutka at Halocline Trance Studios
Tracks 1-9 mastered by James Plotkin at Plotkin Works
Track 10 mastered by Jeremy Greenspan

Lead vocals by Anna Mayberry
Backing vocals by Alexandra Blumas

Guitars and drums by Anna Mayberry
Additional guitars by David Psutka

Price $20

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