The prolific Kaelin Bougneit (performs as Mad Atlantic, DJ Hawken, one half of Vincent Van Dope; produced and mixed Cerious NA and The Agromaniac) continues his Zero Tep project, which has trace elements of post-dubstep garage-y experimental wazzle dazzle, but sounds like a calming, synthe-organic layer extravaganza. Chiming and flittering along the clacking beat that protrudes over a moody bass melody, “Neon” – the EP’s single (free to download, below) – shines in the distance and grabs your soul, pressing firmly on your essence. A wispy vocal adds the certain depth of genius that deepens the track’s incessant mind control, putting a spell on you and bewitching you for days at length. It’s lovely, it’s breathtaking, and beyond comparison in a way that evolves and shudders ideal standards. A gem for the future, “Neon” should sell you on purchasing something sure to be spectacular.

But here’s the thing… Zero Tep is running a Indiegogo campaign to fund the pressing of the vinyl. Above, the post says limited to 50, but the campaign will fund the exact amount of copies purchased with a maximum of 50.

The Details

My name is Kaelin Bougneit, and I've been making music for almost a decade. Zero Tep is a project focusing on forward-thinking bass music, glitch hop, and wonky characterized by organic instrumentation and a heavy focus on atmosphere. Guitar, piano, and vocals join in the mix next to heavy sampling, beautiful synthesizers, and deep sub bass.

In the last year, I've released an EP, double A-side, a music video, and I've been working on a new EP full of the best music I've ever created. Filled with flowing beats, heavy percussion, and soulful synths, I felt the time was right to release a self-titled record. Inspired by some of the greatest electronic artists in the world - Flying Lotus, Baths, James Blake, Nosaj Thing - this record explores the relationship between analog and digital, human and inhuman.

It's taken me a very long time to create this, and I want to make sure it's presented in the best form possible.

What I Need & What You Get

I'll be working with RVSD, a pressing company in Detroit specializing in short-run, high-quality vinyl packages, to create an utterly unique package for this campaign. The new EP will be pressed to clear vinyl (with 1:1 audiophile cutting) and presented in a limited edition, numbered, and hand-painted sleeve exclusive to this campaign. It will only be available to backers of this campaign and may never be pressed again!

In addition to the new EP, my two past releases, the post-dubstep 'Zero EP' and deep house double A-side 'Drown/Insides', will be pressed as well. There will also be a CD and digital version of the new EP available to anyone without a turntable.

But, it doesn't stop there. I will also be designing and printing T-shirts, and if we fund beyond the goal, posters, beanies, bags, and buttons which will be free to every tier that backed at $20 or above. Holy crap.

There's also some $100 perks with a personal touch. I'll help you mix and master your own music, create a track just for you, make a DJ mix with some of your favorite stuff, or even do an official remix for your track.

Every single dollar of this campaign is going to cover overhead alone. Figured into these tiers are printing and pressing costs, shipping costs, and hosting costs and nothing else. I will be taking very minimal money from this campaign; every dollar goes to the final product.

Price $40

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