RIYL: Mykki Blanco, James Ferraro, Dean Blunt, SOPHIE

Label: Warp Records

Italian multi-instrumentalist and producer Sean Bowie, otherwise known as Yves Tumor, crafts the kind of music you envisioned the distant future sounding like.  Hip hop elements collide headfirst into experimental electronic synths and beats, but none of these tracks feel like they were crafted by human hands.  Yves’ vocals even sound like they weren’t bred from our planet.  Extrasensory soundscapes and textures, some familiar and many others unidentifiable, are deeply embedded to Tumor’s pop identity, and his third full-length Safe in the Hands of Love, feels like his most fully-realized vision to date.

Now on Warp Records, grab the limited clear vinyl variant for the new record after the ‘buy’ link and listen to the entire album on Spotify below.  This one has the potential to be in my Top 10 for the year.  No filler whatsoever.

The Details

Vinyl 2×LP WAV Pre-order $24.99
Limited Edition Clear vinyl
Gatefold sleeve
12 insert
Estimated Shipping: 10.11.18

Price $24.99

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