So all other Yumi releases have sold out pretty screaming fast, if you want this then go ahead and scroll.

Ok so if you’re a Sly faithful you’ve heard us sing Yumi’s praises. I personally have bought the 2 previous EPs, so I’m a bit torn. This is a collection, meaning it’s got the 2 other EPs and 2 bonus songs all on one LP. Less flipping more fun. Also one of those covers is their Air France cover which is possibly the best AF cover i’ve ever heard.

This is the silkiest of smooth jams. If it were bedroom sheets is would be at least 5,000 thread count, consequently under the sheets with your love is where you should find yourself while this LP is spinning.  This is really a must have, get to it.

The Details

Exclusive to the Cascine webstore, the first 500 records come on translucent vinyl with blue haze and a colored silkscreen wrap.


Yumi Zouma & Cascine unveil a deluxe 12-Inch that bundles both of the band's celebrated EPs together on one record, along with a previously unreleased outtake (now streaming) and their popular cover of Air France's "It Feels Good To Be Around You". Side A of the record features EP I, the outtake and AF cover. Side B features EP II. Original pressings of both EPs are sold out.

Inside the album's jacket is a printed inner liner that features the iconic cover art of each EP, and the outer jacket showcases Yumi Zouma's embossed cursive logo against an all-white cover. The vinyl collection's official release date is set for September 18.

The Yumis play Cascine's 5YR Anniversary party on September 17 @ Brooklyn's Wythe Hotel. Tickets here:

Release: Sept 18, 2015
Catalogue: CSN063
Format: 12" Vinyl
Digital Download: Yes

Thanks to サポスネコ ジョシュア for the tip!

Price $21

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