As I’m writing this up, there’s a great storm brewing outside – the thunder’s rolling and rumbling. In fact, the rain’s just started to come down in sheets. As you might can surmise, the Icelandic word Rigning means rain. Five years after Yagya’s seminal Rigning released, the single, “Rigning Sjö,” is getting a re-issue alongside two remixes courtesy of Ghostly/Spectral Sound resident Mark E and Dennis Kane. Rigning really walked the line between ambience and dub techno with Yagya’s heavy incorporation of rain samples in to the tracks, and “Rigning Sjö” is a fine example of that. The rain pours and the thunder rolls in the background as the dub chords drone and bounce. Dennis Kane turns “Rigning Sjö” turns the track in to a mix between disco and house and Mark E adds a touch that can only be his – he practically makes the track something entirely new.

As for the cost, I’m not sure – the pre-order button is on the site but it doesn’t register my clicks. If you can get the button to work for you, please let me know in the comments below and I can update the price. In the meanwhile, I’ll send an email to Rush Hour. Check out the original “Rigning Sjö” via YouTube below (as a word of warning, there’s roughly a three minute silence after the track ends on that link) and then the remixes by clicking through the Buy Now button. Cheers!

Price $12

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