Electronic music, especially this year, has found a rise in primitivist production – whether that ranges from keeping their songs with hiss or using older synthesizers/drum machines/patches (the stuff of kitsch). Future funk has more or less usurped vaporwave, along with that fact (although I guess you could argue whether future funk’s “primitive” or not). Willis Anne’s Undergrounder EP is like a mixing of Stellar Om Source, Ikonika, anybody from Orange Milk Records and frankly anyone from 100% SilkUndergrounder EP might resemble something you find after intense crate digging in the dimly-lit sections of a dusty warehouse-like record shop. The drum machines crash through all the other bright synthesizers with ease, except in the case of “Nonlinearity” where the drums serve as the centerpiece and become this white noise for everything else to fight through. Undergrounder EP is a a woozy trip to the days of yore and if that’s your cup of tea, listen to the preview below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

12-inch vinyl from Berlin based producer Willis Anne on his own imprint LAN.

Immersive opener ‘Expecting Myself’ juxtaposes waif-like electronics against the lo-fi percussive elements. Gradually unfurling as the track progresses, the undulating synth swells coax the listener in while the punchy framework bumps along underneath.
Willis takes a more stripped-back approach on the flip with ‘Automatic Body’. Built around a strapping kick drum and a snare that hits like a blacksmith’s hammer, there’s a graceful fragility found in the shimmering synths and feathery cymbals that pepper the track. Yet another grower, ‘Nonlinearity’ draws listeners in as proceedings build up to a stunning crescendo of bubbling 303s, ominous vocal samples and a machine-gun spray of hi-hats. Like its predecessors, this heads-down number slowly builds in tension while displaying a masterful grasp of what it takes to produce emotive machine music without diminishing dance floor impact.
released December 1, 2015

· Produced by Willis Anne
· Mastered by Marco Pellegrino at Analogcut Mastering
· Manufactured by R.A.N.D. Muzik
· Released by LAN
· Distributed by Noorden

© 2015 LAN | lan-berlin.tumblr.com

Price $10.62

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