RIYL: deep house

Label: Comatonse Recordings

This, my friends, will not last very long. If it makes it to the end of month without selling out, I’ll be shocked. DJ Sprinkles is one Terre Thaemlitz, who’s an excellent producer, DJ, and a philosopher. Will Long is another heavy hitter on the bill, who you might better recognize under the name of Celer. If you’re familiar with Celer, it won’t take you long to figure out that this is unlike anything he’s ever produced before. For this series he’s commenced with DJ Sprinkles, he seems to be foregoing the droning, cosmic soundscapes saturated with leisure that are his usual craft and swapping them for sweaty nightclubs with four-to-the-floor urgency. Long toys with the deep house archetype though, still incorporating his otherworldly ambient sounds in the background. You should have complete trust in the names alone, but you can listen to excerpts from Purple / Blue by clicking on the Buy Now button and you can see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

We live in an era when ‘change’ is a soundbite to sell more of the same old ideas, and ‘revolution’ has more to do with social trends than social change.

Will Long’s deep house debut on Terre Thaemlitz’s Comatonse Recordings examines that pack of lies dubbed ‘change’ from the sweaty dancefloor, sounding the aftermath of failure around attempts at equality in ‘progressive’ societies.

Made with a simple setup of rhythm composer percussion, polyphonic synth chords, and rack sampler vocals, these tracks have a minimal rawness that contends we’ve been wrong the whole time about how far the US - and the world - has come.

Although they are sonically unlike anything Long has produced as Celer or his other aliases for minimal and ambient experiemental audio, they share a stripped-yet-full sound that reacts against overproduction - within the dance music industry, and societies at large.

DJ Sprinkles’ overdubbed contributions quite literally and psycho-acoustically resonate that intention, tactfully rending a farther, lush physicality and soulfulness thru deftly applied daubs of glutinous subbass pressure, airy strings and subtly shimmering FX, really bringing Long’s trax to life in a whole other dimension; and via disciplined, stripped-down, full-bodied production values that rank as perhaps the deepest productions yet in the Sprinkles’ canon.

They could be taken as a call for humbleness and meditative efficiency over cliched buildups and preening vanities, perhaps a comment on ‘deep’ house as the equivalent of a fresh tattoo or sweatshop t-shirt slogan. Because, you know, it really does stand for a lot more.

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