21 Exoticism ESCAP makes for White Rainbow’s debut release on Matthewdavid’s Leaving Records. Adam Forkner, the man behind White Rainbow, seems to come out with something new every month and he’s made anything from hip-hop to drone. What we get on 21 Exoticism ESCAP is one of the artist’s strengths – that strength being ambience. White Rainbow’s brand of ambience borders on the kitsch of 80s sci-fi scores confined to straight-t0-video releases and new age. Chances are if you’re not a fan of this, you’ll probably find something within Forkner’s extensive (an understatement) catalogue to suit your tastes. To give you a taste of what Forkner’s dipped his fingers in, he’s been a part of Yume Bitsu, Atlas Sound and Jackie O’Motherfucker, along with formerly being on the rosters of labels such as KrankyMarriageStates RightsK, and Ba Da Bing! There’s probably many things I’m not privy to, but I think you get the point – he’s a hardened veteran. Check him out. Listen to “DX Cloud” on the SoundCloud stream below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

WHITE RAINBOW is in the business of cloud-making:

“21 Exoticism ESCAP”, words from the White Rainbow:
4 dark purple clouds of supreme drift.
68 minutes of billowed drifted smears of complicated color

Gentle Flight – a thick synth and string pad opens as clouds do to show sparkles of sunny piano plink
Strong Pull – deep meditation on sadness
Staged CC – low rumble underbed, chimed shimmers, vocal swells
DX Cloud – Frequency Modulation Synthesis Cloud tribute to Steve Roach Structures from Silence. for floating to sleep relax

There are no memories of the creation of these 4 pieces.
“Time doesn’t exist when you’re in the zone”

A dark purple cloud of noir-ish melancholy envelopes and covers your surroundings
Stains your clothes
Imagine a man alone, in a darkened room, surrounded by the blinking lights of various music technologies
Its 11am, its 3am, its 6pm
Time blurs alone in this room
This is sound color painting for waiting, for accepting that waiting is not actually waiting
No flights of fancy, no fantasy within the mind or in the networks
No escape
The sublime in this absurd
Exoticism, digital imperialism, 21 century spiritual escapism
All take us away from the simple beauty of our present condition
In rags as a beggar, or a mansion on the hill, surrounded by bowls of fruit
Sipping coffee on a porch in paris
On a cliff overlooking a vast green rainforest
In a yoga pose
In lululemon flexible sweat wicking tech fabrics
Or in dirt stained jeans
Mindfulness as corporate mandate
“Progress”, “success”, “achievement”, “self actualization” and “growth”
Return to the prison of eternal now
To reach outside of ones self is to fall into the traps of objectification
There is no 4th world
There is nothing but the world
A tiny bed, steps away
From the blinking lights of the various music technologies
And when the coffee and food and rest and the blurred hours and days
Align in some random confluence
With the machines
Everything melts
And the world is gone

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