I wrote about a Whirling Hall of Knives release a while back by the name of Devisions and by now, the psychedelic endurance test has sold out. This time around, Whirling Hall of Knives give us P!!gz – an industrial, noisy romp. P!!gz, like its befitting namesake, gives images of rolling around in filth and embracing it. There’s an ominous shroud cast over the productions that allows the industrialism to almost cross over in to ambience/white noise, even; of course, interspersed between the restrained bouts of intensity are droning ambient rides. P!!gz brings general images of filth and uncleanliness to the table, but casting your pearls before this album won’t be a waste. For (at press time) a little more than $5.50, you’re getting a steal. Even if you’re not finding yourself amused with this, buy it if not only for the artwork which is rather reminiscent of Ralph Steadman. Listen to P!!gz below via the Bandcamp stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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Edition of 100

Price $5.57

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