Album covers, whether you like it or not, give viewers and listeners alike either an accurate representation of what’s in store in the record’s grooves/CD’s data pits, a flat-out deception or there just isn’t an album cover of which to speak… then you’re just left with the artist’s reputation or lack thereof. This cover here shows us a man engaging in a stretch or in the middle of dancing for no one – both are quite therapeutic. Both can also be relaxing. The track we have available for preview from this album is neither of those things. Frederikke Hoffmeier’s “3rd Monologue” sounds like pain and agony. It’s cacophonous white noise paired with even more distortion. There’s a pitched down woman’s voice speaking and the addition of it being a language I can’t understand adds to the mystery. The woman begins to sob near the end (I think the pitched down voice and the normal pitched voice are one in the same), and you can’t help but wonder what she’s saying. I guess you don’t need to understand anything to understand this track is ridden with misery. Listen to “3rd Monologue” below via the SoundCloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

iDEALISM is a new LP compilation series presented by iDEAL, compiled by Joachim Nordwall and designed to showcase artists with a clear and strong vision, some already working with the label, and some related ones and some future collaborators.

On the first volume, we meet Swedish king of filty tape music - Altar of Flies who released his mind expanding self titled LP on iDEAL last year , back to back with Italian neo-industrialist RM, here delivering some truly bad vibes.

On the flip side, we find two strong tracks of analogue techno minimalism from Peder Mannerfelt of Swedish electronic wonder Roll The Dice.
The set ends with the second appearance on iDEAL by Copenhagen’s Frederikke Hoffmeier, known to most heads as Puce Mary, a key character on the harsher bank of today’s experimental music scene...

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