Ok, bear with me. As the title denotes, this is a collection from the (I believe) UK label NoCorner. When you head down to the price section of this page, you might not be so pleased – for us statesiders, it’s $41.87 at the current exchange rates. Keep this in mind though – you’re getting three 12″ vinyls. Those contain an EP, two full-length albums and a 7″ with two remixes off of the EP you’re getting. If you take in to account the play time of all this content, it comes in at 135 minutes – two hours and fifteen minutes. That’s longer than most movies coming out these days. Considering the format, they could be charging a lot more considering the length.

If you’re not familiar with NoCorner, think of Hyperdub – maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but judging from the previews the label’s allotted us I’m hearing some real aesthetic similarity. Forms of electronic music with an experimental or dark edge to them. Check out Lily, El Kid, and Filter Dread below and see what you think of them.

The Details


After months of eager anticipation, it is with great pleasure that we can present to you this special collection of music from the NoCorner catalogue – remastered for vinyl and represented with great care, love and attention to detail.

Spanning across three heavyweight 12″s and one fluorescent yellow 7″, NoCorner unveil some of their most treasured cassette-output of recent years in this new shape and form, alongside a previously unreleased Killing Sound remix of El Kid’s ‘We Need Mirrors’.

This product equally prides itself in aesthetics as well as it’s sonics.
For the uncompromisingly original music that is featured on these grooves, with each of the three LP’s features the full-length experience, cut on a continuos groove across each side of the disc, equally suited for home-listening, still cut loud enough for DJ-use, the total run time of this collection comes to around 135mins.

From the captivating explorations of experimental minimal-techno, jungle & grime archaeology and cyber-punk electronics through to the submerged vessel and killing sound reinterpretations featured on the extra disc, this collection of music captures some truly timeless moments in recent underground music.

From El Kid’s ‘Labyrinths EP’ (NC003) to Filter Dreads’ ‘Space Loops’ (NC005), Lily’s ‘Modern Malaise’ (NC006) and the ‘We Need Mirrors’ Remix 7″ (NC003.1=7) – each of the discs stands out for it’s utterly unique musical attitude and delivery.
Truly accomplished pieces of underground music, the initial cassette-only editions of 100 units each sold out within days of release, it’s a great thing that these are now available to a wider audience…

This package has been in deliberation and fine-tuning for some time now, and looking at the outcome, it is clear that it’s a product that is far from generic… The four discs are overseen with a countless amount of stamps, hand-crafted and printed inserts, screenprints, re-packaging and dymo-labelling – enough to make it very clear that NoCorner are keen to maintain their D.I.Y. inclinations whilst offering something truly special and artisan.

A listen to the clips and a look at the pictures and stats will give you an idea, but the true appreciation will come when you hold the product in your hands and the music runs it’s course through the records grooves.

Includes DL code (except the 7″, which will remain vinyl-only).

135 mins of total run time.

Three heavyweight 12″s housed in printed inner sleeve.
Hand-stamped, fluorescent yellow 7″ with hand-crafted vellium insert, housed in PVC sleeve.
Hand-stamped, 7mm spined kraftliner outer sleeve.
The package comes wrapped in newsprint run-up, making each one unique as they take on different colours and patterns.
Packaged in hand-screenprinted polythene outer sleeve.
Edition of 500.

Sleeve design and project artwork by Studio Tape-Echo, additional design by C26.

Remastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta Mastering.

Price $41.87

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