This is, as Trensmat says, a meta release. AnD and Whirling Hall of Knives (whom I’ve written about on Sly in the past) are two duos related to the label that decided to perform multiple treatments to their Valved songs of choice to put out on an extremely limited 12″. When I write “extremely limited,” I mean the label is only pressing the amount they get pre-orders for. Once the pre-orders are done, it’s gone forever. Heed Trensmat when they say that the pre-order gap is closing soon. According to the label, there’s apparently going to be less than two-hundred of these pieces floating around the world and on top of that, only those who pre-order from Trensmat will receive two digital-only bonus tracks which will be immediately emailed to you.

As for the content of this 12″, it’s what you can expect from Trensmat artists. AnD gives “Tipping Point” a cacophonous embrace on each of their takes and Whirling Hall of Knives gives each take on “Blood On The Controls” a techno facelift – the first being an all out aural assault and the second being a creeping, dark minimal take. Check out the previews of the tracks below via the Soundcloud stream and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

A meta remix EP (certainly a first for Trensmat) this gathers two duos - AnD and WHOK - each turning out an interpretation of a track from Valved's Blood On The Controls, a tape released in January on Trensmat sister label Nute. Both artists then remixed their own remixes so what we have are two sides of progressively mangled Valved action. With the facts out of the way, let's move to the less fact-reliant flight of fancy:

AnD side-step the main room and turn up the weird in the basement on their versions of the track Tipping Point. Their opener - the Tipped Over The Edge remix - is pure horrorshow. Think the audio equivalent of a long-gestating and thrillingly inevitable nervous meltdown, condensed neatly into five and a half minutes (for your convenience). Occasional barmy swoops of wobbly synth are the nearest thing to light relief in this swarm of evil morse code and broken digital chatter bubbling up from an impossibly thick migraine flavoured drone-soup.

As the title indeed suggests, the picture is more focused on the Tipped Over The Edge and Back Again remix. The morse code is upstaged by thunderous rolls of distorted kicks, augmented by a backing choir of slightly less chaotic rhythmic sound loops and a more muted sustained tonal gloop as a binding force. But there's that upsetting wobble of synth flashback again - the road to recovery is clearly going to have a few more potholes.

Whirling Hall Of Knives keep the ball trajectory well curved on the B, firstly with the reckless banging abandon of remix#1. A pummelling and brutally unsophisticated kick/hat combo underpin a cut up, unholy distortion of the already distorted bass throb from the original Blood On The Controls. Muffled and elongated mid-range ghosts dance with intermittent high-end wisps and the scantest hint of a looped melody struggles for air in the middle distance. A sharp and trebly percussive hailstone shower increases the intensity until the growling bass tones decide to eat almost everything in sight - end of story, needless to say.

The careful distillation of the preceding number results somewhat unexpectedly in the stuttering, stroberific closer, remix#2. Barely-there echos of remix#1 are suppressed by an upfront fluttering effect, some subtle spectral shimmer, and deep-rooted subterranean pulses feeding into shoots of rippled artificial percussion on the surface.

ONLY PRE-ORDERS also get additional extras for immediate download - digital copies of each track featured on the vinyl plus the original versions of the tracks remixed here - 'Blood On The Controls' & 'Tipping Point'. Pre-orders will be immediately sent a link to this download package in WAV & MP3 format. Vinyl expected to ship late June.

VERY limited edition 12" (+ 6 downloads).

Tipping Point (AnD Tipped Over The Edge Remix) (5:32)
Tipping Point (AnD Tipped Over The Edge & Back Again Remix) (6:24)
Blood On The Controls (Whirling Hall Of Knives remix#1) (5:01)
Blood On The Controls (Whirling Hall Of Knives remix#2) (5:06)
Tipping Point (2:58) [Digital only]
Blood On The Controls (3:58) [Digital only]

Jun 2014, TR044

Price $13.64

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