Sometimes artists, or labels, like to revisit well-received cuts from an album and give them their own spotlight. Matt Hill’s debut as Umberto was back in 2009 with From The Grave… and “The Child” was the “hit” off the record, so to speak. “The Child’s” original length on From The Grave… hovered around six-and-a-half minutes and with this rerelease, you get the full version which almost times in at twelve minutes. If you’re not familiar with Umberto, he does a rather progressive form of Italo-disco that gets thrown in with some elements that you might associate with campy B-movie horror films from the 80s – this is exactly what you get with “The Child.” Silvio’s mix of “The Child,” which clocks in at over eleven minutes, puts it in a skin that makes it a bit more “club-ready,” yet it still retains its ominous atmosphere. Check out both tracks below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

A hugely popular cut in it’s edited form on Matt Hill’s 1st LP “From The Grave…” in 2009, the full length version (clocking in just short of 12 minutes) appears here for the first time. As does the flip, a remix by ‘Silvio’ which is far more beat driven and aimed at the dance floor; imagine some hybrid Daft Punk / Kraftwerk collision and you get kinda close…

The original in it’s unedited form is a classic. Heavy on that uniquely chilling atmosphere present over Umberto’s back catalogue, and drawing on a more percussive take to the fright night / Carpenter / Giallo / Goblin sounds commonly associated with Matt’s previous output.

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