I’m a daily reader of ISO50, which is essentially a blog full of font porn and designer eye-candy.  The blog belongs to Scott Hansen, brainchild behind Tycho, and a few other contributors like Jakub Alexander.

Anywho…apparently, they unearthed some long-sold out copies of Tycho’s incredible, edible Dive 12”.  I can’t imagine these lasting very long, so jump in and grab one.  The water’s perfect.

NOTE: There is a rarer clear vinyl variant of this single out there, so if you’re the kind of cat that desires the rarest of a pressing, find that one on fleabay.


The Details

Some lost copies of the vinyl of Tycho’s “Dive” single w/ remixes from Memoryhouse and Keep Shelly In Athens were found in the warehouse! Never to be repressed, it was limited to 700 copies worldwide. Please note the plastic seal is broken but the vinyl and contents are intact.

Vinyl Details:

The standard vinyl is limited to 700 pressings worldwide.
Each standard weight vinyl version features a 2-panel, 3mm spine, stock art jacket with a matte finish inserted in paper dust sleeves.
The title track on Tycho’s long-awaited Dive LP is just that—a ripple effect record that sounds like three songs in one, as if sound/graphic designer Scott Hansen just discovered prog-rock and decided to apply its winding passages to his own singular blend of sinewy synths and bleached beats. It’s also the first Tycho song to feature a prominent guest musician; guitarist Zac Brown, in this case, who paints outside the lines of Hansen’s halcyon hooks with restless rhythms and monorail-like riffs.
The “Dive” single fleshes things out even further, as Keep Shelly in Athens and Memoryhouse—both rising underground artists in their own right—cut Hansen’s cloud-scraping composition in half and slow his cruise control chords down to a crawl. The misty vocal melodies are still there, but they’re now floating through an embryonic assembly of jittery cicadas, rusty gears, and lean loops that are both welcoming and a bit woozy. The sonic equivalent of staring at the sun for too long, really, or two sides of the same cracked mirror.

Price $15

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