RIYL: Cold wave

Label: This Starcraft

I’ll get this out of the way: I’m not sure if the LP will have a purple sheen or if that was just the press photo (this was released over a year ago). Yeah, I know: I’m late again, but as usual there’s still hope for us… otherwise I wouldn’t be writing it up, right? Listen To Seashell was apparently recorded back in 2011-2012, yet this sounds like it could’ve come straight out of an early 1980s Belgium. Tropikorps makes a great name for a balearic house group, but instead of warm sunshine and a Mediterranean Sea breeze, you get biting cold snowflakes striking your face (not to mention blinding your eyes) and a gust courtesy of the Arctic Sea. Listen To Seashell doesn’t take you to the shore, but to the abyssal blackening blue depths that you’ll find on the outer reaches of the coast. Listen To Seashell is a gloomy, foreboding synthetic anachronism of a trip in to melancholia. If that seems like your bag, listen to the Bandcamp stream of the record below and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

''Step down on the sand...The lizard crosses the path, a coconut falls. It lands very close and rolls away. A warm wind blows through the palms. A wave casts vibrations throwing some polished colored stones; a feeling through the sand contacting the foot through a hole in the leather sole of a slim black shoe. Looking down, the tropical sun glimmers in spots playing upon the surface of newly shined leather. There are many dull patches where the polished skin is too worn. The stones make sunny metallic sounds as the wave recedes. A white hand picks some up and rolls them between the fingers, then drops them into some water moving out from the river mouth. Sea foam collects in the roots of the mangroves. Stones make hollow sounds contacting the clusters of drift wood. Suddenly the body is stung by a swarm of tiny strange insects. Then a metallic solar buzzing. A dog bat flies over head trailing beneath it a gigantic shadow. Then a pulsating cymbal drone thinking briefly of tourism and plastic economies; colorful trinkets sold to western people like the glass beads the spanish used to trade with the indians. Colorful plastic soon to replace ivory. Some green fish are beneath the surface of the clear brackish water thinking of a tribal performance where the dancers jump up and down with bare feet on broken china. It makes a sound like pieces of broken shell inside a huge rattle, to the rhythm of gongs and hi pitched bamboo reed instruments. A small dark skinned child carves a pineapple in a spiraling star shape thinking of the awkward turtle like appearance of the backpack laden tourists that prefer to call themselves travelers, being harassed by taxi drivers. Trashed flip flops imbedded in the dirt road. Dreams like exotic birds fluttering through an inner dimension. Illusions created through exotic imagery, half baked hopes. Frustrated reality, a mutated version of the exotic illusion. Shards of screen put together transforming the present. A quetzacoatl half man half multi colored bird.''
released September 22, 2014

All music + words <> Voov Pauli + Iggi Coldkoff.

''Listen To Seashell' was recorded between Greater London [UK] + San Francisco, CA [USA]. Mastered by Skot Brown in Oakland, CA [USA]. Circa 2011-2012.

All right reserved This Starcraft, 2014

Price $14.63

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