Tricky is a trip-hop pioneer, along with Daddy G (Grant Marshall) and 3D (Robert del Naja) [who together made the first form of trip-hop juggernauts Massive Attack] and False Idols is his latest effort which actually comes out today. Perhaps you recognize Tricky because he popped up recently in some music publication headlines with him telling Daddy G that “nobody cares about Massive Attack” and with him bashing Obama because you’ve read about Maxinquaye (widely considered his apex) at one time or another. Either way, going off of the album sampler (the album not being available on Spotify for a full stream yet) Tricky seems to be dialing it back taking more of a downtempo approach this time around. As far as I know, there’s no quantity specified on how many Tricky signed but I would jump on this as fast as possible due to his notoriety. Listen to the album sampler below via the YouTube stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Tricky is back. Back with a new studio album, False Idols, and his own label (also bearing the False Idols name), but also back in a personal sense. “I was lost for ages”, he says. “I was trying to prove something to people, trying to do something to please other people and also myself at the same time, which is never going to work. To be honest with you, I’ve been floating around since Chris Blackwell and Island. My last two albums, I thought they were good, but I realise now they weren’t. This album is about me finding myself again.”

It opens with a cover of a Van Morrison song, “Somebody’s Sins,” which sees Tricky and vocalist Francesca Belmonte whispering “Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine” over a sparse groaning bass. The lead single “Parenthesis,” which features a vocals from Peter Silberman of The Antlers, has more rhythmic grunt, which gives a different dimension to the dark gothic atmosphere that pervades the record. No-one does this kind of thing better.

The resemblance to Maxinquaye is undeniable, though the material on False Idols is gentler; more mature. Many of the songs feature artists signed to Tricky’s new label, including 24-year Londoner Francesca Belmonte and Fifi Rong. The album also includes collaborations with Nigeria's new global star Nneka, the afore-mentioned Peter Silberman. In the months before the album’s release, False Idols will also release an EP "Matter of Time" showcasing the label’s roster on new non-album material produced by Tricky.

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