You know what’s great about tapes? They’re pretty cheap and they’re often even more limited than vinyl. Tootoosis’ GHOSTS has the smallest tape run I’ve seen yet, coming in at 15. This was released almost a month ago and surprisingly, there are still some copies you can snatch up. The phantasmic black and white cover and the archaic nature of the cassette pair together well with GHOSTS – much like agua de jamaica and tacos al pastor, or sweet potatoes and cinnamon. GHOSTS is ghoulish, but not so much in a horrifying way. I’d say it sounds campy, but that’d be doing the album an injustice. “Ethereal” would be the best word to describe this thing; it’s quite brooding. For a little under $8 US, you get 35 tracks which sounds like a good deal to me. I would like to geek out at the fact that there’s two tracks on here named “ghost dub” and assume the artist is referring to Ghost in the Shell, but I think that’d be reaching. Check out GHOSTS below via the Bandcamp player below and see what you think of it.

The Details

C60 Cassette of Ghosts. Ltd run of 15

Price $7.8

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