RIYL: iced out dub techno

Label: Delsin Records

Delsin snags another W for the label, unsurprisingly. Tom Dicicco makes his debut on the label  after releasing on his own labels, Run Out Run and Inner Surface Music. If you’re in to electronic music, this isn’t to be taken lightly, as the name Delsin is something that should be in the same thought as the likes of Warp, Basic Channel (the label and the duo I imagine Dicicco takes some inspiration from, going off how the overall production sounds), Kompakt, Hyperdub, Ninja Tune and Ghostly International for you. Dicicco’s Shadows & Tears is a four song affair taking you along to explore a snow covered bridge that hangs over a blue lake frozen solid. He takes you over the bridge, to the other side, you both embracing the snow flakes featherly gracing your cheeks and under, where you find some cars that unfortunately took a dive off the bridge. Unfortunately, Shadows & Tears isn’t on SoundCloud at the moment but you can listen to large previews of the EP below by clicking through the Buy Now button. See what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

British techno producer Tom Dicicco makes his debut on Delsin now after many fine releases on Off Minor Recordings, The Corner and his own Run Out Run and Inner Surface Music. He is someone with a textural richly, forceful sound that is dark and abstract yet enriched with very real emotions and here he is on point once more with some of his most sensitive and cerebral cuts yet.

Opener 'Extracting The Error' is a serene house track with shimmering chords and lithe, smooth drums that power it along. Full of internal refection and real melancholy, it gets things off to a fine start. 'Morph Cycle' is a darker, more menacing cut with nervy drones circling round glassy melodies. It has you looking over your shoulder as well as up to the heavens and then 'A Prayer For Jupiter' is much more stripped back and smooth, with sonar pulses, alien life forms and sci-fi signifiers all unfolding above a deeply rooted drum line. 'Fallen Spaces' marries big hi hats with a distant industrial rumble. Dumpy kicks and a real sense of paranoia percolate up from below and round out a varied and vital EP.

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