You ever wonder what it’d be like if the homies in Boards of Canada decided to go skiing and include some vocals that aren’t from the depths of a public archive? I’d say Throwing Snow is a close approximation of that result. Just like the wheel of battle-ready Raphaelite angels that grace this single cover, Throwing Snow’s Avarice EP is very cold and imposing. This one’s definitely for those behemoth blizzards that roll through your place of residence (your luxurious winter cabin) every now and again. Those blizzards that pile up snow just to your exact height – to the point that opening any window or door will just let that powder flood the place with unrelenting ferocity. It’s been a few days at this point, you’ve been bumping Avarice on repeat throughout the house and you’ve run out of food. You’ve gotta go out and start the hunt – live it up like your ancestors. You could say that at this point, you’ve got avarice for some grub. Listen to Avarice below via the Spotify player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Album track + Remix by Will Saul (Aus Music). Limited run! Similarly inspired by the improvised versions of the track he's been playing live, comes another Throwing Snow VIP, this time of 'As You Fall', which features London-based vocalist Py. Rounding off the package comes a superb house interpretation of the Kid A-vocalled 'Hypnotise' by West Country gents Will Saul & Komon, which is as deep as you like but retaining some of that Throwing Snow low-end grit.

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