RIYL: The Avalanches, George Clanton, Ariel Pink

Label: Gloriette Records

For the unfamiliar, The Samps somersaulted into blogospheres in 2010 with sample-heavy sound collages and dance tracks loaded with dusty disco and synth pop throwaways.  Think of The Avalanches, but run their edits through the hazy weirdness of Doldrums-era Ariel Pink.  If your mom was cleaning out the attic and tossed all of her old rap cassingles and warped dance promo 12″s into the local dollar bin, I guarantee you that J. Darrah, Cole MGN or Harland Burkhart found them and bought the bundle for $1.25.

Three EPs and eight years later, we have a debut full-length from the California trio.  This is major news for any fan of sample-based music, from experimental plunderphonics to vaporwave.  Listen to 2010’s Peppergood and tell me that ain’t proto future funk??  Listen to the whole thing below and grab the vinyl from Bullmoose after the ‘buy’ link.  There was no quantity listed for the vinyl, but the label has sold out and Bullmoose is the first distro I’ve seen that is still carrying it.  They list it as “Out of stock but available. Should ship within 1 week.”  They don’t charge you until the record ships, so I’d smash that ‘buy’ button real damn quick before that button disappears.

The Details

California miscreants The Samps return with their long-awaited debut album, Breakfast, a magnum opus packed with sublime beats concocted from the treasure troves of forgotten music.
Super limited 12" vinyl with hand painted artwork by Eddie Ruscha, designed by Tammy Nguyen. Includes download card.

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Price $19.97

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