RIYL: Air France, Wild Nothing, Röyksopp

Label: Labrador

Stream the full album now on NPR First Listen https://www.npr.org/2016/10/13/497569716/first-listen-the-radio-dept-running-out-of-love

This is one of those releases that i’m not sure how much I need to say about it. If you’re a Radio Dept fan then you know you need to buy this instantly, because they sell out ultra fast and then cost an arm and a leg on discogs. I have never bought a Radio Dept. release i didn’t love. I’ve been  streaming this one all morning and it really has a Röyksopp vibe going which I’m really feeling. Many of the beats feel a little bit dancey-er than in previous releases. It’s a killer album all the way through and will for sure be a contender for my album of the year.

The Details

"The Radio Dept. "Running Out Of Love" on clear vinyl. Limited edition 1000 copies." Via Labrador on Facebook.

Price $20

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