RIYL: Fatboy Slim, The Verve

Label: Astralweks

As I mentioned on the Surrender thread, Astralwerks is repressing their Chemical Brothers catalog and Come With Us is also getting the treatment.

Back in 2002 when this album dropped it hit #1 and really solidified the Chemical Brothers as a monster force to be reckoned with.

This one is on red and numbered out of 1000 and it will go perfectly next to your blue copy of Surrender.

The Details

REISSUE OF TOM ROWLANDS AND ED SIMONS' 4TH FULL-LENGTH. This colored vinyl reissue of Come With Us is part of a much-needed campaign by Astralwerks to reissue many rare and out-of-print Chemical Brothers records. The album was recorded as the band was pivoting off of a world tour in support of U2. While their previous star-studded album Surrender served to snowball the international fame they had begun to cultivate with Exit Planet Dust and Dig Your Own Hole, Come With Us has considerably fewer guest appearances (Richard Ashcroft of The Verve and longtime collaborator Beth Orton) and many fans consider it to be more of a straightforward dance record in the vein of their early recordings. Simons denied the album was a deliberate "return-to-form" for the duo but did acknowledge that many of the songs were more groove-and-beat based than Surrender. Casual fans will remember filter-trance joint "Star Guitar" and the polyrhythmic rave of "It Began In Afrika", but also peep the super weird electro and acoustic guitar-combo on "Hoops" and windchime drill-&-bass of "My Elastic Eye".

gatefold sleeve
limited, hand-numbered edition of 1000
music label: Astralwerks 2017

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Price $26.95

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