RIYL: dementia, decay, ambient noise, conceptual art

Label: History Always Favours The Winners

For those who have been paying attention to Leyland Kirby’s Everywhere at the End of Time series, today¬†marks the release of the 5th installment of his 6-part¬†epic into dementia as The Caretaker.¬† For the back story behind the project, read our previous review of Stage 4¬†HERE.

As to be expected, Stage 5 is set in a mind that has fully-developed the curtain of dementia.¬† Gone are any structures or rules.¬† You are trapped in Kirby’s world here, drowning in a sea of swirling cavernous noise.¬† Jarring and terrifying to some, but calming and sublime to others, The Caretaker¬†remains a truly polarizing and perplexing artist.

Listen to the entire stage below and grab some blue vinyl after the ‘buy’ link.¬† “But it’s unlistenable, Dave.¬† When will I even play this?”¬† “Dave, it’s shipping from Boomkat HQ in the UK.¬† Way too expensive!” “F$%& you, Dave.¬† Your taste in music is pretentious and predictable.¬† What a try hard POS.”¬† All valid points, guys, but that won’t stop this thing from selling out within hours.¬† You’ve been warned.

The Details

Strictly Limited Blue vinyl - edition of 600 copies, mastered and cut by Lupo. Comes in a thick spine, deluxe gatefold sleeve featuring reproductions of three new paintings by Ivan Seal. Includes a download dropped to your account.

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Price $35.77

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