RIYL: dementia, sadness, conceptual art

Label: History Always Favours The Winners

In September of 2016, Leyland Kirby began a 6-part series under his experimental ambient¬†moniker known as The Caretaker.¬† Each piece of the series¬†is¬†a stage in the gradual degradation of dementia on a human mind, specifically one that grew up in the ballroom dancing era of the 1920s.¬† Stage 1 was bright, colorful and hopeful, but began to deteriorate quite significantly into confusion and terror towards the end of Stage 3.¬† As an example of conceptual art,¬†Everywhere At The End Of Time is quite remarkable, but as a passive listen, it can be an¬†incredibly dark experience.¬† As one of our readers put it last year, it’s “background music for penning a suicide note.”¬† Dark stuff indeed.

Stage 4 undoubtedly is the turning point in the series.¬† Any glimpses of wistful melodies or coherent structures are gone.¬† Replacing them are fragmented samples of noise, a split second of a muted trumpet followed by a cavernous rush of low-frequency drone.¬† Vinyl 78s crackle¬†alongside bottom-octave moans and otherworldly soundscapes straight out of a sci-fi horror film.¬† Listenable?¬† Absolutely…if you’re already familiar with what The Caretaker is trying to do here (and doing very well, mind you).¬† For anyone unfamiliar with the project, listen at your own risk.¬† This stuff is jarring and disorienting.¬† You’re literally thrust head first into the gurgling, quickly-degrading¬†dehumanization of dementia.¬† Haunting.

600 copies on blue vinyl, folks.¬† That’s probably enough to last for a day or two, but these will sell out.¬† Seriously.

The Details

Strictly Limited Blue vinyl - edition of 600 copies, mastered and cut by Lupo. Comes in a thick spine, deluxe gatefold sleeve featuring reproductions of three new paintings by Ivan Seal. Includes a download dropped to your account.

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Price $38

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