RIYL: letting go

Label: History Always Favours The Winners

For the last¬†2 1/2 years, Leyland Kirby has taken us from the glimmering hope of life and happiness into the cold indifference of death.¬† As The Caretaker, Kirby broke the harrowing journey of dementia¬†into a 6-part series, each progressing further and further into¬†an uncontrolled swirl of darkness and madness.¬† Honestly, I was on board for the first 3 parts and just couldn’t bring myself to buy the fourth chapter.¬† My uncle, one of the most successful pediatricians in Texas, was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia not too long ago, and his life splintered almost overnight.¬† He was forced to retire, he began forgetting where he was while he was driving, he couldn’t remember his grandchildren’s names and on and on and on.¬† Needless to say, this particular kind of conceptual art has become deeply personal to me and I can’t thank Leyland enough for the cathartic trek this series has been.

The final chapter is finally here.¬† Thankfully, the brash and terrifying noise interludes from Stage 4 and 5 have seceded to the far corners of the brain.¬† We’re left with a weightless drone, a¬†humbling acceptance that we have lost¬†this long battle.¬† We¬†grieve, but we’re content with our finality.¬† The final track Place in the World Fades Away¬†couldn’t be more perfect of an ending¬†as the faint crackle of a children’s choir leads us into the great¬†warmth of blackness.

I had to get this one.¬† As my uncle continues to fight, this album will remind me that my time on this rock is fleeting and that my¬†grand schemes are inconsequential to the purpose of it all.¬† That’s a beautiful thing.¬† Goodbyes are hard, but this one feels right.¬† Thanks again, Caretaker.

The Details

Strictly Limited Blue vinyl - edition of 600 copies, mastered and cut by Lupo. Comes in a thick spine, deluxe gatefold sleeve featuring reproductions of three new paintings by Ivan Seal. Includes a download dropped to your account.

Price $35.8

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