World Series One is not an homage to the beloved baseball championship but it’s literally part of a series (hopefully) of tracks that will span the globe. The countries of this first EP are India, Turkey, Trinidad and Zaire (which is now the Democratic Republic of Congo). Naturally it wouldn’t be much of an homage to the world if each track didn’t fit accordingly to its country name, but Stupid Human and Space:tricks brought each of these countries to a discotheque.  Decks makes note that “Zaire” is a “bonafide classic in the making” and I can’t help but agree. “Zaire” will take you back to the first decade that Zaire adopted its name. “India” is laden with sitar and yet another infectious bass groove; “Trinidad” and “Turkey” also do justice for their countries. You could pop any of these tracks on at a party and the people will love it, whether they’d like to admit it or not. Check out the Spotify stream of World Series One below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Four discerning tracks from Stupid Human & Space:tricks channeling the east, west and central Africa. Zaire is a bonafide classic in the making and were told is NOT an edit.

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