RIYL: The Avalanches / Plunderphonics

Label: Too Many Records

Too Many Records is excited to collaborate with the musical wizard known as Stennes.

Eyes Didn’t Let Me Open is an album that takes you on an absolutely wonderful journey, full of twists and turns and unexpected moments. It’s perfect to close your eyes and melt into, as well as setting an excellent vibe in the background. It’s rare for music to be able to do both, but this album certainly accomplishes it.
Per Matt of TMR, “Upon hearing this record, the first comparison I could draw is The Avalanches., which is absolutely high praise. While it takes some notes from their playbook, EDLMO carves its own sonic path as it bounces between genres effortlessly. This album is not only unique, it’s infectious.

You know the drill, it’s going to sound fabulous, look stunning, and be ready to hit your turntable for maximum listening enjoyment. This is the only pressing of this album, so don’t look back in anger, and take a listen to this oasis of an album and let yourself sink into the stellar sounds.

The campaign is fully funded, so if you place an order, you WILL receive a copy — and there’s only a few days left to do so.