RIYL: Alessandro Cortini, How to Destroy Angels

Label: Dais Records

Alessandro Cortini gained immense critical acclaim among electronic and experimental music critics after Important Records released his classic Forse trilogy.  On top of that achievement, his synth work with Nine Inch Nails helped redefine their sound in the late aughts.  Before the acclaim, however, he set out to self-release another trilogy as SONOIO, an effort as taxing as it was rewarding as the stresses of touring with NIN and developing his solo career prevented him from ever completing it.  The first two parts, Blue and Red, were completed in 2010 and 2011, but the third and final installment, Fine, began to feel like a pipe dream.  Well, the time as finally come!  Fine is the first LP from SONOIO that will be committed to vinyl and only 100 copies have been made on yellow vinyl.  A sure sell out, people.  Cortini fans are faithful and they have deep pockets.

If you’re a fan of the combo of NIN style industrial beats and gorgeous female vocals, SONOIO should be right in your wheelhouse.  File it next to your How to Destroy Angels collection.

The Details

Personal, layered and complex, “Fine” achieves greatness as both a singular example of deep and inspiring pop music, and as the final album – the closing chapter in the story of SONOIO.
Comes on standard black vinyl as well as limited editions on yellow (100 copies) and green (400 copies), as well as digital and compact disc formats.

Price $19.99

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