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Label: Delsin Records

I think it goes uncontested when I say Delsin Records is a cultivator, and hotbed, for talent regarding the cutting edge of electronic music. I can only confidently say I’ve known of the label for a couple years now (I won’t pretend), but I’ve written up enough of their releases to realize that they truly have an aesthetic of their own. Time and time again, the releases they dole out month after month carry the ambiance, no matter where they may lie in the electronic spectrum – whether it flirts with ambience or the most hardcore/industrial of techno. Shlømo, not to be confused with Shlohmo, takes you out for a drive on the highway in a suped-up WRX STi going so fast that the cars and trucks are barely blurred lines. With the windows down, the air is nearly deafening – the only thing you can hear is the whine of the Boxer engine. This essentially leaves you with your thoughts as you can’t speak to the driver or anyone else in the car. Listen to a preview of In Absentia: Tome 1 below by clicking the Buy Now link and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

One of the many Delsin off shoots welcomes fast rising Shlømo to the fray for a new EP featuring three singular originals and one excellent remix from Artekfakt. The Taapion Records boss has previously released on Wolfskuil and Bright Sounds and here serves up some truly sumptuous space techno.

Opener 'In Absentia' features PVNV and is a heavenly, super deep bit of atmospheric techno that exists far off in the galaxy, with soft drums and angelic chords. 'Escape From The Void' is darker and more direct, with rubbery bass and kicks making for a Millsian bit of minimal. 'Poison River' then ups the ante once more with forceful kick drums and train track percussive ticks all softened by glowing, warming pads far off in the distance. Finally, the Artefakt remix is actually a collage of all three Shlømo originals and is a suspenseful, hypnotic and sublime techno roller that carries you tiny another dimension. This is perfectly heady music for cerebral dance floors.

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