Demdike Stare owe a lot to their dub techno predecessors, so it only makes sense they re-release rarities. If you have bothered to read my write-ups, you’ll know that I have quite the fascination with dub techno. I’ve read that Shinichi Atobe might not even be a real name. I believe I’ve also read that it’s been theorized that Atobe might be a throwaway name for someone related to the cult Chain Reaction label. There really isn’t much information about Shinichi Atobe – Demdike Stare supposedly made contact with him (whoever it may be) to reissue this.

Now, what’s crazy is that this came out nearly fifteen years ago (it was Atobe’s last release) and it still sounds ahead of its time. All the dub techno to come out of the 90s/very early 2000s (especially anything having to do with Mark Ernestus/Moritz von Oswald) is still ahead of the pack. Today’s dub techno bears little resemblance to it. If you happen to be tuning in to a dub techno release for the first time, this isn’t a bad place to start. Listen to all four tracks below via the YouTube videos and see what you think of them. One last note: don’t sleep on this. This will be gone today, and if not today, by the end of the week. Check out Discogs and you’ll see what I mean. Cheers!

The Details

A massive personal favourite of Demdike Stare’s, Shinichi Atobe’s ‘Ship Scope’ was Chain Reaction’s penultimate release in 2001 and, with the benefit of hindsight, also one of the legendary label’s most sublime offerings.

Phase fwd to 2015 and DDS rightly put it back into circulation with this necessary reissue arriving in the wake of Atobe’s much loved archival salvage, ‘Butterfly Effect’, which caused quite a ripple in late 2014.

Notable not only for its unusually sweeter, dreamier ambient tone - especially when compared with the rest of the CR#’s - but also for its happily lost-at-sea feel, connoting a deeply romantic and almost shoegazy late ‘90s / into-the-’00s deep techno aesthetic that would essentially become washed away with the advent and normalisation of mnml techno’s pristine production values.

Quite simply, it’s a must-have for followers of the romantic streak in Ross 154, Convextion and classic Chain Reaction.

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