Drawing upon his Japanese ancestry for inspiration, Shigeto’s Lineage reminds me of producers such as Nujabes and Negrosaki. Apparently this is the third pressing of this record, so I would not wait to buy it. Mind you, this record came out January of last year so it’s quite impressive to see that there’s so much demand to warrant a THIRD pressing of Lineage. I can’t blame Ghostly for this – Lineage is vibrant and soothing. Mixing instrumental hip-hop and ambient electronica, Zach Saginaw (Shigeto) brings a unique identity and memorable product within a genre-mold that is scarcely explored. Lineage is much more relaxed and gelid than his debut, Full Circle. Not only that, but Shigeto seems to draw upon the company of much more organic instrumentation than his debut. Ghostly, as always, delivers quality and forward-thinking electronica. Michael Cina, like with numerous Ghostly albums, is behind the artwork and there’s an intriguing story behind it that involves some of Shigeto’s relatives which I’ll leave down in the details. Check out Lineage below on the Spotify stream. Cheers!

The Details

Limited Edition Vinyl Details:
Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered units (200 exclusive to The Ghostly Store, with the remaining 100 available on Shigeto's tour)
Standard weight marbled grey vinyl
Black silkscreened jacket on high quality, 100% post-consumer recycled kraft paper. (Original jacket was in a white kraft paper jacket.)
Inserted into a clear, resealable record sleeve for protection
Font and layout by Michael Cina
All orders of the vinyl come with instant download of the entire release.

Zach Saginaw consistently grounds his music in a deeply personal, familial context; his grandmother inspired two releases, his producer aliases, Shigeto and Frank Omura, both reference family names and it's not for nothing that his latest release as Shigeto is titled Lineage.

While only Saginaw could speak to the ancestral motivation being referenced on the eight instrumental songs that comprise the mini-LP, Lineage, it's easy to see it as an acknowledgement of debt to musical forebears, reverent respect due to the jazz, hip-hop, funk and folk that animates these eight songs. And while these elements aren't new to Saginaw's work, never has he demonstrated such complete command of his material. Each song is a complex constellation of sounds and ideas, but his compositional focus and restraint grounds songs that are otherwise cosmically inclined.

"Lineage (Prologue)" eases into being with windchimes, effects, circular organ and little else, recalling a particularly subdued Sun Ra passage. That segues into "Lineage" proper, which props up the melody with shifty uptempo percussion and bass. "Ann Arbor Part 3 & 4" announces itself with lovely keys and falling rain before hip-hop beats steal the show. "Soaring" eases back into a handclap, acoustic guitar and harp sounds reverie, underpinned with lazy, spacey bass. Shigeto's brilliant drumming takes center stage on "A Child's Mind," moving from a bombastic unaccompanied run into esoteric jazz and finally settling into a shuffling, prismatic hip-hop. Shigeto's deft cymbal and snare work are also found on Huron River Drive, a dubby, smoky, soulful joint that dials back the lysergic digitalia that colors so much of the mini-LP as a whole. The title of "Field Trip" perfectly captures the adolescent joy and wonderment of the song, with live drums, ebullient toybox sounds and wide-eyed melodies. The understated "Please Stay," which adds rare vocal sounds to Shigeto's repertoire of claps and keys, gently guides listeners out of the journey through Lineage.

The front cover includes a photo of Shigeto's great grandfather's house from 1916 in Hiroshima, Japan. The back cover includes a photo of his great grandfather, Shigeto Ohmura, at the Amache Internment Camp in Grenada, Colorado after his family was transfered from Tule Lake Internment Camp. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor and the subsequent declaration of war against Japan many Americans believed that the Japanese-Americans were spies or traitors. Thus, why Shigeto's grandfather and other family members ended up in these camps. Layout, text and additional design created by Michael Cina.

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