RIYL: Mark Fell, Heatsick, deep house

Label: PAN

Mark Fell’s Sensate Focus project is one act which made me realize the potential of deep house – it basically tore away its “basic club” status from my perception. Déviation Heat-Treated is a take on a Heatsick EP, also released on PAN, and Fell makes both tracks undoubtedly, well, Sensate Focus. The Sensate Focus mainstays are here in full force, such as his chopped-up schizoid drum machines and ominous incomplete vocal samples often accompanied with a hefty dose of wet reverb. “X” slowly devolves in to blaring, squelching synthesizers droning to a, might I write, humorous degree. “Y” is a reinvention of “X,” making it much more… “deep” with the, yet again, trademark Sensate Focus ping-ponging synth waves floating around in space. Each track is over fifteen minutes, and they’re quite rewarding to complete. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of Déviation Heat-Treated EP below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

(As a heads-up, perhaps specify you’re looking for Mark Fell’s Sensate Focus when you’re using a search engine if you’d like to listen to more of his material.)

The Details

Déviation Heat-treated is Mark Fell’s (SND) response to Heatsick’s recent Déviation EP on PAN. Somewhere between cover version, remix or deconstruction, just over 34 minutes of re-layering of patterns and sounds.
released December 17, 2012

Thanks to Bill Kouligas for the tip!

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