RIYL: Vaporwave / Fishvaporwave (yes, really)

Label: Tetra Systems

I was lost in my dream.

Limited Edition of 100 Black Vinyl LPs

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Saki 夢‘ first album, an experiment in audio manipulation to create the soundtrack to theoretical fish dreams Tetra Systems is releasing 夢の中で失われました on limited edition black vinyl.

Tetra Systems is your #1 source for some of the best fishvapour, fishdream, and other vaporwave releases around the world. Founded by Saki the Fish, the creator of fishvapour. At Tetra Systems, they put the fish first.

“Long time fans of Saki the fish may remember his debut release, the slushy and dreamy adventure through a massive and complex aquatic dreamscape, “夢の中で失われました,” released by himself on his website in March of last year. To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of that album, (and to help us fund our current and upcoming projects) we are releasing this fishvapour classic on very limited edition vinyl.”
Tetra Systems

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Price $18

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