RIYL: space

Label: iDEAL Recordings

The moment you set your eyes on Ryan Martin & Joachim Nordwall’s Trance Below the Streets album cover, you’re sucked in a cosmic colorful vortex that’s also reminding you of those popsicles with the same color scheme. Trance Below the Streets was recorded in the span of a couple days back in 2014 during a Brooklyn winter, and now it’s seeing release. A song that’s fully available to preview is called “Ricochet Around the Triptych.” It’s a synthesized hypnotic trip and as the closer, it’s fitting. As the keyed-in notes go through their sequence over and over and over again, you start to feel your eyes get heavy and maybe you’re seeing stars. Martin and Nordwall want to rock you to sleep in their own kooky way after (what at least seems to be) an exhausting, often frazzled and biting, run-through of the album. Listen to “Ricochet Around the Triptych” below via the Soundcloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

Artist: Ryan Martin & Joachim Nordwall
Title: Trance Below The Streets
Format: Vinyl LP
Edition: 300
Catalogue #: iDEAL145 & R&L059
Available now

Recorded in a Brooklyn basement during a couple of cold December days in 2014, the collaboration between Ryan Martin (DAIS Records, modular synth wizard) and Joachim Nordwall (iDEAL, analogue synth lover) became something very special, raw, intense and powerful. There is an hypnotic feel to it, that may lead you into a wanted or unwanted state of trance. Harsh, yet meditative (and at times beautiful) electronic music masterfully engineered by Kyle Keays Hagerman and mastered by Kris Lapke, "Trance Below The Streets" is no doubt a very special listening experience.

iDEAL is a one man operation. Please allow fourteen days for handling!

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