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I’ve been creeping Hemsworth for awhile on the soundcloud. I even tried a couple times to get him to let Sly press his stuff. Well that didn’t happen, but he is doing limited vinyl, so the world is right.

His new tracks are even better than anything to date. You need this album. His spacey jams and silky smooth vocals are great for either driving home alone on a cold night or being at home on a cold night with a sexytime friend and staying up all night. A must have record.

The Details

due to manufacturing delays Vinyl will ship on or before December 4, 2014.
First run of 1000 will be limited edition coloured vinyl.

Track Listing:
1. Hurt Me
2. Walk Me Home (w/ Lontalius)
3. Snow In Newark (w/ Dawn Golden)
4. Blemish
5. Too Long Here (w/ Alex G)
6. Surrounded (w/ Kotomi & DOSS)
7. By Myself (w/ the GTW & Little Cloud)

Price $26

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