RIYL: New Wave, Synth-pop, Synthwave

Label: Electronic Purification Records

Limited Edition of 100 Grimace Purple w/ Cyan Blue Splatter Vinyl LPs
Limited Edition of 100 Hot Pink/Yellow Split Vinyl LPs
Limited Edition of 100 Black Vinyl LPs

Moog over, Robert Parker is here!

2017 is going to be a big year for Virtual Reality, with people trying to escape from this most unsettled planet.

However, all is not lost! Synthwave’s renaissance has only just begun, and just in time, as this humble scene of ours looks like it is the answer to humanities slump. This year will be our year.

Robert Parker will be running head-on with those who look to erode our very foundations, carrying the torch from the front. But what will spark the flame?

Well, what would be better than RP’s new Album?

“Awakening” is 6-track slammer that enthuses energy to a level only the heliosphere can contain!

Robert Parker has crafted this gem from his experiences performing around Europe and Russia, in the past year. The many people he has met and shared experiences, and his music, with have given him the juices of pure inspiration to come up with this refreshing wake-up call.

But this was just the beginning.

“Awakening” is a musical call to arms…

Don’t get caught napping

Lazerdiscs Records

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