RIYL: Umberto

Label: iDEAL Recordings

The RM stands for Riccardo Mazza, who comprises one-half of Lettera 22. The only preview available for UNFIT is given to us in a four minute snippet on Soundcloud, courtesy of iDEAL Recordings. I’m assuming it’s the album’s synonymous intro track, but I suppose it could’ve been cherry-picked from elsewhere in the album. UNFIT feels as if it would’ve fit right next to, say, Umberto on Not Not Fun as an accentuation to the label’s flirtation with the darker side of electronica. I can only say so much as there’s only one track, but iDEAL calls this “dark, meditative harshness.” It has this minimal techno bent to it, but don’t expect it to be your nearest club’s banger – nothing’s stopping you from bumping it in the whip, though.

UNFIT appears to be guttural and submerged in sludge. UNFIT is an ode to a lack of belonging – it appears Mazza (?) makes his point further by ripping through the album cover to have a gander at you. Consider this Mazza’s way of forcing his way to third wheel status in what should be an intimate two party relationship – you and the album. Listen to the UNFIT preview below via the Soundcloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Available NOW. Edition of 300 copies.

RM is Italian mastermind of bad vibes Riccardo Mazza. The man has a free approach to his music, with no interest what so ever in the device used as a source. RM is dark, meditative harshness at it's absolutely TOP. The intent is to submerge the listener with a gloomy, ancestral mood. This is truly capturing, ambient and pulsating electronic music with nods to both minimal techno and industrial music. iDEAL is proud to release this great work of brilliance. Also, for info lovers, Mazza is half of industrial filth duo Lettera 22!

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